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Custom Web  Designs

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Established in 2002, Medialinkers is a web design & development org situated in Atlanta, Florida. In the course of the last few years we've made a notoriety for building sites that look extraordinary and are not difficult to-utilize for anyone. 
In the event that you like what we do, and think we could cooperate, then contact or dispatch our venture organizer. 

What we do?
When we tackle a task we like to do things altogether - this implies we take after a set of errands to make things exquisite.  Firstly we truly get to know the idea. This implies conversing with you, posing troublesome inquiries and tossing out a few thoughts along the way. Together we transform the concise into a story that permits us to begin on how the clients will collaborate on the site. This stage incorporates making a site guide and a set of client adventures to backing the following piece of the procedure... 
Client Experience 
Contingent upon the task scope we may develop what we realized amid the arranging. When we are sure about how things are going to function we can deliver wireframes. 
Wireframes are basically designs of pages that show where things will be. They are not styled at this stage yet exist to make a robust schema we can design inside. 
We normally adhere to making only three wireframes of the most imperative pages on a site yet on bigger locales we may make a completely meeting expectations model. 
When this is all affirmed we can take a gander at making a few ideas for you... 
Next the design...we may make it big first time or we may oblige some cycle to get things simply right. We don't give numerous ideas from the start as we trust it weakens thoughts - we like to concentrate on what we feel is the right approach. 
We attempt to verify all that we design will scale down well to littler screens like your tablet and telephone. We'll make an arrangement about how your design reacts to distinctive screen sizes. 
Here we transform our designs into something that works in the program and start to sprinkle some code to power everything. This is additionally where we fight with programs to guarantee the site looks great no matter how you look at it. As far as testing we make a point to squash any bugs that may be slinking as we go - as opposed to holding up till the end of a venture. 
We'll additionally verify that the site naturally recognizes what kind of gadget you're utilizing and conforms itself as needs be, to spare you and your clients from zooming finished and done to see all your substance.

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